Greenmount compete in the League for Clubs in Bury Area the rules have been amended with the handicap index limit being 16.

This year again there will be a single league comprising of eight member clubs. Each club will play the other clubs on a home or away basis. 

Each individual match counts to the number of points won
        Bonus Points will be awarded as follows:
2 points for an away win
1 point for a home win/away draw
0 points for a loss/home draw

Should there be a tie for the league title it will be decided by a play-off on a neutral course between the clubs involved.

We are also involved in various inter club knock out competitions during the season such as - Manchester & District Alliance.


Matches, Dates & Results

Breightmet (away)Won 4.5-3.5
Bury (home)Draw 4-4
Harwood (away)Lost 2-6
Pike Fold (away)Lost 3-5
Lowes Park (home)Won 6.5-1.5
Walmersley (away)16 June 2021
Rossendale (home)23 June 2021
Breightmet (home)30 June 2021
Bury (away)8 July 2021
Harwood (home)14 July 2021
Pike Fold (home)22 July 2021
Lowes Park (away)29 July 2021
Walmersley (home)4 August 2021
Rossendale (away)10 August 2021


Fixtures & Results

Dunham Forest Trophy
Preliminary Round - v Hart Common (home) played on 18/4/21 Won 6-1
1st Round - v Crewe (away) played  on 16/5/21  Lost 0-7

City Glass Foursomes
Preliminary Round - v Rochdale (home) played on 18/4/21 Lost 2-5

Archie Preston Trophy
Preliminary Round - v Werneth (home) played on 25/4/21 Won 4-3
1st Round - v Westhoughton (home)  played on 23/5/21 Won 4-3
2nd Round - v Worsley Marriot (away) to be played by 5th July 2021

Seniors Team Trophy
Preliminary Round -  v Bye
1st Round - v Breightmet (away)  played on 25/5/21 Lost 2-3

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