Greenmount compete in the League for Clubs in Bury Area the rules have been amended with the handicap index limit being 16.

This year again there will be a single league comprising of eight member clubs. Each club will play the other clubs on a home or away basis. 

Each individual match counts to the number of points won
        Bonus Points will be awarded as follows:
2 points for an away win
1 point for a home win/away draw
0 points for a loss/home draw

Should there be a tie for the league title it will be decided by a play-off on a neutral course between the clubs involved.

We are also involved in various inter club knock out competitions during the season such as - Manchester & District Alliance.


Matches, Dates & Results

Breightmet (away)Won 4.5-3.5
Bury (home)Draw 4-4
Harwood (away)Lost 2-6
Pike Fold (away)Lost 3-5
Lowes Park (home)Won 6.5-1.5
Walmersley (away)Lost 3-5
Rossendale (home)Won 6-2
Breightmet (home)Won 6.5-1.5
Bury (away)Lost 3-5
Harwood (home)Won 4.5-3.5
Pike Fold (home)Won 7.5-0.5
Lowes Park (away)Won 6-2
Walmersley (home)Won 5.5-2.5
Rossendale (away)Lost 3-5


Fixtures & Results

Dunham Forest Trophy
Preliminary Round - v Hart Common (home) played on 18/4/21 Won 6-1
1st Round - v Crewe (away) played  on 16/5/21  Lost 0-7

City Glass Foursomes
Preliminary Round - v Rochdale (home) played on 18/4/21 Lost 2-5

Archie Preston Trophy
Preliminary Round - v Werneth (home) played on 25/4/21 Won 4-3
1st Round - v Westhoughton (home)  played on 23/5/21 Won 4-3
2nd Round - v Worsley Marriot (away) played on 2/7/21 Lost 3-4

Seniors Team Trophy
Preliminary Round -  v Bye
1st Round - v Breightmet (away)  played on 25/5/21 Lost 2-3

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